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Video: LAFD Rescues a Seagull from a Tree at Venice Beach

LAFD's Eric Johnson of Ladder 63 rescued a seagull from a tree on the beach. The bird got caught in some fishing line and ended up suspended from a palm tree. The first video shows the bird get rescued and towards the end is an impromptu interview of the firefighter who made the rescue. Apparently this is not the first bird rescue for firefighter Johnson.

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Station Closures, Budget Cuts, Staffing Cuts…and the Race Card

Silberberg's article is a well written piece meant to get people to their feet. To educate them that cuts to public safety can effect anyone and everyone. That public safety cuts are not the answer and that cuts MUST be made elsewhere! Mahnoney's article is meant to get firefighters to stand up. To educate the poorer communities that public safety cuts show that their governement does not care about them if they are willing to cut their services.

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There have been 23 Line of Duty Deaths This Year

This year, I made a pact that I would honor ALL of the Line of Duty Deaths. I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I didn't know it would be this hard. I fell behind about a week ago and have not been able to catch up. Then today, another LODD in Los Angeles. Failure is not an option...and I realize that there are plenty of other notifications that assist firefighters in following along with LODD's. My point was not to compete, but merely to supplement their information with whatever I could find at the time.

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