Best of the Rest – FDIC Wrapup, Bloggers at FDIC, Squirrel Pager Reports, and more!

FDIC was a blast. I will probably write some more about our week there in the next couple of days. Someone mentioned to me that the fire blogs were quiet with so many of us at FDIC…I think I am making up for that now.

Willie and I can’t stress enough how much fun we had (even though he is sick as hell still). We always enjoy meeting up with our friends and meeting others for the first time.

As always, there is more posted on The Fire Critic Facebook page as well as on Twitter @FireCritic. Be sure to check it out!

My friend Andrew Catron snagged this picture at the beginning of the FOOLS Brotherhood Bash at FDIC. That is my helmet with a special run MN8 FoxFire band. It was given to all who climbed at Greenbelt, MD 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. Great Pic


Here are some recent posts about FDIC:

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Some other blog authors we ran into:

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News and Opinion

Dave Statter and I will be speaking in Newark, Ohio on May 23-24. Be there! The gloves are coming off…just kidding, we are speaking not fighting. Ohio Fire & Emergency Services Foundation’s 2012 Leadership Conference. We cover various aspects of social media and the fire service.  Join us in Newark, Ohio for May 23 & 24. Click here to sign up.

Captain Wines and I will be in South Dakota in September for a brand new event that promises to be a great one. Check out more on Wines and I will be speaking and having a great time with everyone else. That isn’t all though. We are actually going to tour South Dakota from Rapid City to Sioux Falls in a Spartan ERV fire engine. Yeah, that is how we roll!

STATter911.comDeath Race 2010 and 2012…I think my chevy could hang! – Practical PPE by Mike McKenna. Firefighter turnouts: Does color impact safety? The visibility of department members the fireground and on the roadways is critical to reduce the risk of injuries

FireGeezer.comThe Fashion Police err FireGeezer has a story about a cutie who headbutted his mom and burned her house down. Read more

Firefighter – Massachusetts Firefighters Battle Six-Alarm Fire. Six neighboring departments responded to the Marlborough condo fire. – Grant Awarded to Detroit Fire After Premiere of Documentary Film. Read more

Last I will leave you with this video of a house fire in a small single family dwelling. There is certainly some work being done, it just seems they are having trouble finding the seat of the fire.