Best of the Rest – Lt. Richard Nappi, FDIC, Stair Climb, Raising Ladders, TETS, and More!

Wednesday, Willie, Andrew, Mike, and I are heading out for FDIC. Look for a maroon mini-van with license plates “FLEITZ” on it travelling West. The one time family mini-van, grocery getter, and all around Griswaldish hoopty has been recommissioned as the touring van for Willie and I. Beyond that, I occasionally find myself driving it over my truck to and from work.

We are heading out from Blacksburg up 77 and around Cincy to Indianapolis I believe. Who knows, I have never driven to Indy.

In case you want to see what we will be up to, check out our itinerary at FDIC. If you are going to be there, hit us up here or on Facebook, or call/text/email me.

This weeks Best of the Rest is a little lite…I am still catching up from Aruba and gearing up for FDIC.

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Quick Drills

You can view all of the weekly drills by here. Try these two at the firehouse this week:

Random Tweet of the Week

Yes…they are sexy men too…wtf?

News and Opinion

FDNY Lt. Richard Nappi lost his life at a fire in Brooklyn. By all accounts, it appears as though Lt. was a very well respected firefighter. It is an unfortunate loss. Dave Statter covers what happened to Lt. Nappi here.

Also on is something I have been talking about for a while now… Two places I’d really like to see you in Indy: Stair Climb & Stop, Drop, Rock & Roll

Raising Ladders writes about another stair climb in DC on April 25th…no excuses. It is a huge accomplishment, trust me. I have completed 4 of them and I have found it to be an honor to climb and what it stands for. Read more here

The guys at ELAFF have begun a weekly column on their blog. Check out the latest installment which is chock full of great fire stuff! Weekend Update – 4/14/12

Willie turns it up with a request to show him your “TETS”…as in MN8 FoxFire Tetrahedrons. Read abou tit here!

Two companies you should really check out:

NM-Coin – for all your badge, patch, coin, and much other stuff!

Alt Kilt – If you need a kilt, hell even if you don’t need a kilt…you should check out Alt Kilt and order one today. Willie and I will be rocking the kilts at FDIC!

I will leave you with a video…another house burns in Detroit…yawn. Those guys are up against it in Detroit, that is for sure!