The 2012 Itinerary for FDIC. Indianapolis here we come!

This is our itinerary for FDIC 2012. We will be up and about for most of the time. Willie and I don’t sleep much during FDIC. We are up early and in bed late.

I will update the itinerary as we add to our events!

Willie and I are driving up on Wednesday.

Willie and I WILL be climbing for the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb if there are not 343 signed up. Willie and I have climbed 4 times before and actually made a pact that we had accomplished what we wanted to and we would not climb again. We have had so many people ask us to climb with them that we decided if there are not 343 signed up, we would climb. Otherwise we will be there to support our brothers climbing!

I AM registered to run in the 5k…see if you can keep up I can keep up!

This year, I will not be making it to any of the excellent classes at FDIC. There are plenty of great classes being put on by great instructors. Many of my friends are teaching as well. There are two major components to FDIC, the classes and the exhibit hall. I will be all over the exhibit hall. That is more my niche. I leave the teaching of strategy and tactics to other firefighters who have dedicated themselves to learning and teaching.

Catch up with us at the MN8 FoxFire Booth 3026

The Official Fire Critic Kilt by Alt Kilt!

Special thanks to Alt Kilt who has designed a kilt for me to wear at FDIC! Check them out on Facebook and at their web site!

Here are some classes you might want to check out:

  • Ben Peetz – Wednesday 10:30am room 103-104  “Combustible Dust Fires and Explosions”
  • Paul Hasenmeier – Thursday 3:30pm room 123-124 “School Bus Extrication” See the trailer video below
  • Stefan Svensson – Friday 10:30am  room 123-124 “Safety in the Fire Service: The Swedish Perspective”. Stefan tells me that this one won’t be nearly as controversial as the one at FRI.
  • Lt. John Shafer – Friday 10:30am room 109-110 “Modern Roof Hazards” See the trailer video below

As for what Willie and I will be getting our hands into the events are below. We are traveling with Mike Elston from Salem and Andrew Catron from Kingsport. We will be meeting up with many others including Jeff Harkey from and

Much of our time during the Expo will be spent at the MN8 Foxfire booth with Zach Green (owner). Check us out at the MN8 booth #3026!

Cutters Edge has teamed up with MN8 FoxFire to bring you a firefighting chain saw that illuminates. They will have it at their booth #3447 at FDIC!

Kovenex is booth #410. Willie and I are picking up gloves there for a product review. We are looking forward to it!

Firefighter Nation/Fire Rescue Magazine booth is #3173

FireRescue1’s booth is #132

Willie and I will have some challenge coins, brotherhood chips, and patches to give out as well! The challenge coins and patches are fresh off the press from NM- Coin. Check out their web site and see them on Facebook too! You can purchase our merchandise direct from NM Coin here

NM Coin on Facebook Web Site

The new challenge coin from NM Coin

Of course, we will see what the ladies are doing at the Black Diamond Boots Booth #2401 and the Black Helmet Booth #13106

You will find the floorplan to the FDIC exhibit hall here 


Fire Critic/IronFiremen patch from NM Coin

Wednesday April 18

  • meetup at Claddagh’s Irish Pub 6-10pm
  • FOOLS Bash 5 – 10pm at the Corner of Jackson St. & Meridian St . Behind Hooters (Facebook Event Page)

Thursday April 19

  • Catch up with us at the MN8 Booth #3026
  • 5th Annual Courage and Valor Run at White River State Park (register here)
  • Stop, Drop, Rock and Roll at the Indiana Roof Ballroom (140 West Washington Street)

Friday April 20

  • Catch up with us at the MN8 Booth #3026
  • Adam Ferrara 1pm at the special events stage
  • FDIC 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb 12:30 – 3:30pm at Lucas Oil Stadium (register here)
  • Battle of the Bands at Lucas Oil Stadium (link)
  • Indianapolis IAFF Party

Saturday April 21

Open as of right now, but we will fill it in I am sure!

Pipes and Drums Schedule

Here what I got for the FDIC Pipe and Drum schedule if you want to post it for people:

Wednesday..April 18th….
(1) FDIC Opening Ceremony… Indiana Convention Center
(2) FOOL’s BASH….. South Meridian Street , same as other years…Between Hooter’s and Ike and Jones’s ..Big Tent..and

Thursday ..April 19th….
(1) We will have a Second FDIC Opening Ceremony on Thursday Morning at the same place and time as Wednesday’s Morning.
(2) Lucas Oil Stadium for the opening of that Bldg at 12:00 Noon….
(3) Back to the Convention Center and play through the whole convention center area’s
and that opening up all of the halls.
(4 ) Fallen Firefighters Foundation Event ( Stop-Drop- Rock and Roll Event ) at the Indiana Roof
Ballroom .. time is 6:45-11:00 PM .

Friday ..April 20..
(1)Play at then Stair Climb at Lucas Oil Stadium.
(2) Annual Indianapolis Firefighters – Local 416 Union Open House Party.