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Hilarious Video: Firefighter vs Police Officer vs Structure Fire

Here is some humor for you…perfect timing since I have been posting serious stuff recently.

Enjoy… A funny skit about a police officer showing up first at a structure fire.

Warning: Language…and no offense intended towards America’s Finest. Just the Bravest having some fun…

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  • Andrew

    Reminds me of a local police department… Always racing to beat the Engine.

  • Arthur Frakking Dent

    I like old fashioned.

    We just picked up a couple of recruits from the local detachment of the RCMP. THIS is going to be HILLARIOUS come Thursday night’s meeting. Thanks for the awesome training video!

  • Kevin Lockwood

    The police department in my city show up on every call. Wouldn’t surprise me to see that in my city, all cops wish they were firefighters.

  • A Copper

    That’s ok. We all know God made cops so you hosedragger could have Heros too!

    • Po-Leese

      Word !