Dallas Firefighters Sued After Rescuing Two Dogs from Trunk of Car

Dallas fire and police were called to the scene of a vehicle, parked in a parking lot, with dogs apparently in the trunk. The firefighters forced entry to the trunk to find two yorkshire terriers.

The temperature was 61 degrees. The call came in from two brothers who were concerned when they heard the barking coming from a car parked.

The owners were celebrating a birthday.

They are being charged with animal cruelty and up to a $10,000 fine.

Dallas Firefighters (either the dept. or the City) are being sued by the couple $5000 for damage to their vehicle.

The dogs, Penny and Copper, are just fine.

Were the firefighters justified? What would you have done?

Story by Care2.com:

“I put them back there because I didn’t want them in the cabin, because they will unlock the door,” Shipman said. “Those pups cost about $1,000 each. I don’t want somebody to just reach in there and steal them.”

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