Close Call: Amazing Video of Russian Firefighter Rescued From High Rise Fire by Aerial at Last Possible Moment

I do not have much information on this video, nor do I know when it occurred. I believe it occurred in Russia. However, I was on the edge of my seat as this firefighter was rescued at the last possible moment as he hung outside the 4th or 5th floor of this high rise and fire burned around him. Just before he is rescued by the aerial you can see his gear on fire. Seconds later, the window he was hanging from is fully engulfed in fire. The end of the video says 2006, so it could be pretty old but still worth a look. I apologize if you all have seen it already. I have seen a couple videos…but not this one so I thought it was worthy of sharing.

This is definitely a CLOSE CALL!

The translation of the title is Fire in Kvartire. I couldn’t find anymore information, nor do I know where that is.

The video is apparently available for training purposes. The translation of the description on youtube is:

A series of films for training to prepare personnel of fire protection.