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Macon-Bibb Firehouse “Robbery” Prank leaves One Fired Pending Review, One Demoted, and Four Others Suspended

The fate of the firefighters involved in the Macon-Bibb Fire Department Firehouse “Robbery” Prank at Station 108 has been realized. The news comes today, just days after the infamous video went viral.

According to a Macon News Release:

Firefighter Christopher Hughes will be suspended with pay for five days pending termination with a discharge review.

Sgt. Joshua Brewer will be demoted and he will be issued a 10 day suspension.

Firefighters Christopher Houston, Mark Swain and Jesse White will be issued a 10 day suspensions.

Captain Stephanie Burke will receive a two day suspension and

Lt. Timothy Pruitt will be issued a “counseling statement” as it relates to the management and behavior of his assigned personnel.

More news:

This prank has been a hot topic among firefighter forums, blogs, and web sites. Most of the comments have related that this sort of thing should never have happened in the first place. The video was pulled about 12 hours after it was first published on youtube. Soon after, the video reappeared on youtube and went viral. The video now has over 34,ooo views and 128 comments.


The investigation into the prank included the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office. Fire Chief Riggins wanted to identify if a crime was committed. According to the investigation, a gun was NOT used in the prank and the loud noise simulating gun fire was indeed firecrackers.

Watch the video here:

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Comments - Add Yours

  • PR

    All the officers involved should be demoted. There is no excuse for this childish behavior.

    • firecritic

      All I can guess is that the Captain and Lt. did not know about the incident until after it happened. It is a bad guess though.

  • Tim Symons

    In this day of workplace violence this could have turned deadly very quick. Stupid idea allowed to to bear fruit. The entire ‘crew’ doing this prank should have been fired!!!

  • joe bags

    Way too harsh…Terminated for that???? Ridiculous

    • BH

      What do you mean, “terminated for that”? Were you paying attention at all?

      Ohhh….. you’re the kind of moron who would come up with this sort of stupidity, aren’t you. Run along, the adults are talking.