The Fire Critic and IronFiremen Challenge Coin…Coming Soon

Thats right, Willie Wines Jr. and I have spent some dough. We decided to get some challenge coins made. Well to be completely honest, they aren’t challenge coins. They are actually poker chips. But they will do the trick. They are lighter, cheaper, and they have our stuff on them. What could be better.

They will be available soon! We will likely be selling them on our site and handing them out to our friends. We should have them by the time we get to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Memorial Weekend in Emmitsburg in October.

Check them out below. Let us know what you think!

Oh, in case this whole “poker chip” thing is new to you, we have the information for you. Willie and I first saw a poker chip at the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in Prince George’s County, Maryland. We thought the chips were great! We asked about them and Kelly (who planned the climb) set us up with Sean at These guys are firefighters and are still building the company. They are a breeze to work with. You can actually get a hold of someone on the phone or email. They have  a couple different sizes of chips and are a fraction of the cost of metal challenge coins.