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Firehouse Prank involving Gun? NOT A GOOD IDEA

Update: The video was taken down a couple hours after I posted it. It is back online now and I have put up the new video below. Yet another reason why you shouldn’t put stuff on the internet…other people can steal it! I am not sure how long this one will last!


Update continued: The department involved is the Macon-Bibb County Fire Department. The station is listed as station 108 under the City of Macon Fire Department’s web site. Not surprisingly, the video is not part of their video sections. The station sits at: Fire Station # 108, 7100 Peake Road North Macon, Georgia 31220

It has also hit the local news now:

The Macon Bibb Fire Department is investigating a video that shows an apparent hoax shooting at one of its stations.

That’s according to Clay Murphey, the mayor’s spokesman.

He says the video was posted to YouTube and shows a prank that was reportedly staged on firefighters Sunday at Fire Station 108. That’s on Peake Road.

I cannot believe this video is still online. I am sure it will be gone soon so watch it now if you want to see what a bad idea this is. I imagine we will be reading about former firefighters very soon.

Nothing about this is a good idea. NOTHING.

Do not do this at your firehouse.

I am not sure why firefighters allow others to bring them in on elaborate plans like this without questioning the prank in the first place. There are so many great pranks out there and there is no need to go to this extreme.

I can only imagine the liability the fire department will be under once this rookie realizes what he just went through.


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Comments - Add Yours

  • TC Lifesaver

    Video has been removed! Bummer.

    • firecritic

      Video has been put back up! Check it out.

  • Ambulance_Driver

    Not funny on any level.

    Not only was it cruel and inappropriate, but it violated just about every rule of gun safety there is. You NEVER point a gun at anyone in jest, even loaded with blanks.

    Or what if one of the firefighters there had been carrying a legal concealed weapon. I know it’s against most department policies, but it does happen, and in this case, probably would have gotten someone killed.

  • PLD1226

    This has to be the most insane prank Ive ever seen. I sure hope these fools learn a lesson from this!

  • B. Freeman

    We appreciate the firemen and recognize that they are under a lot of stress, saving lives,and seeing lives that was loss; however, the prank went a bit to far. Someone acted before thinking and that can come from stress as well. I hope that they have learned a lesson and that the punishment will not be to harsh. An oral admonishment should be enough and counseling to determine if the stress is getting to the public servants. Let’s not be to critical and seek understanding.

    • firecritic

      I am not sure there is discipline for these actions that would be defined as too harsh.

      I also do not see any room for understanding here.

      In so many departments this would be a career ending mistake.

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  • Chris

    One could say it’s racist, I suppose. I fail, however, to see how a masked man with a gun, is a prank? I didn’t see anything funny. Maybe too many suicide by gunshot calls, but I fail to find humor in firearms crimes.

  • medic5321

    Idiots. Fire every last one of them. It would be easy to do sine they posted the station they were at and their names at the end. There is absolutely no room for this sort of thing in a professional organisation, if that’s what this Dept. wants to call itself if it tolerates this type of behavior. The Capt. listed at the end of the video should be the first to go if he was in on the prank.

  • ohioemt

    all i gotta say is wow…..they are lucky that something really bad didnt happen.