Firehouse Prank involving Gun? NOT A GOOD IDEA

Update: The video was taken down a couple hours after I posted it. It is back online now and I have put up the new video below. Yet another reason why you shouldn’t put stuff on the internet…other people can steal it! I am not sure how long this one will last!


Update continued: The department involved is the Macon-Bibb County Fire Department. The station is listed as station 108 under the City of Macon Fire Department’s web site. Not surprisingly, the video is not part of their video sections. The station sits at: Fire Station # 108, 7100 Peake Road North Macon, Georgia 31220

It has also hit the local news now:

The Macon Bibb Fire Department is investigating a video that shows an apparent hoax shooting at one of its stations.

That’s according to Clay Murphey, the mayor’s spokesman.

He says the video was posted to YouTube and shows a prank that was reportedly staged on firefighters Sunday at Fire Station 108. That’s on Peake Road.

I cannot believe this video is still online. I am sure it will be gone soon so watch it now if you want to see what a bad idea this is. I imagine we will be reading about former firefighters very soon.

Nothing about this is a good idea. NOTHING.

Do not do this at your firehouse.

I am not sure why firefighters allow others to bring them in on elaborate plans like this without questioning the prank in the first place. There are so many great pranks out there and there is no need to go to this extreme.

I can only imagine the liability the fire department will be under once this rookie realizes what he just went through.