FRI Wrapup – “Best in Show” According to the Fire Critic

This is from my continued coverage of Fire Rescue International last week. You can read more posts related to FRI 2011 here.

Here is a new type of article I have not done in the past. I am offering you my best in show for Fire Rescue International.

Basically, the one product, company, person, class, or event that I thought captured the essence of why firefighters travel to conferences and conventions. After all, that is why firefighters go to these events…to learn, see new technology, and better themselves. crew at FRI

This years “Best in Show” award according to the Fire Critic goes to SAFETY2GO.COM.

Their parent company, Beams Seatbelts, ( has been in business for over 50 years manufacturing seat belts. One day, a local Fire Chief asked them to make a harness for them…the rest is history.

They make all kinds of bags, harnesses, and straps from seat belts. Of course, all a seat belt is made of is webbing and a buckle.

You can imagine the possibilities.

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Jeff and I stopped by to talk to them about running a deal on We hope to work something out in the future. These guys were down to earth, answered our 100 or so questions and even let us snap their pic.

Thanks guys, I think you have a great product that emboddies firefighting ingenuity.