The Fire Critic and IronFiremen make it big in the Roanoke City Corner Newsletter

Willie Wines Jr. and I made out big in the current issue of the Roanoke City Corner. The City Corner is an online newsletter that is circulated among City employees and others showcasing internal news to Roanoke City. The newsletter used to be printed and distributed, but due to the budget crunch it is now only available online.

You can imagine my amazement when our department PIO contacted me about wanting to add our story to the newsletter! I was stoked. The article is about us participating in the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in Baltimore and Atlanta. It even mentions our upcoming climb on September 11th in Greenbelt, MD.

This is also a huge accomplishment because Willie and I seem to carry the titles of Public Enemy #1 and Public Enemy #2. We’re just misunderstood! I say that in jest, but it is so true! That is why us being featured in this newsletter is an accomplishment. Then again, maybe they were just pressed for news. We would like to think it was because they are proud.

The issue also showcases two Roanoke Firefighters who travelled on mission trips recently, and mentions other firefighters who are climbing on September 11th in Richmond.

Thanks Tiffany. We appreciate it!

Click here to read the entire issue (.pdf)