Black Diamond Footwear X2 Firefighting Boots – Product Review

Black Diamond X2 Footwear X2 firefighting boots are by far a superb example of what leather fire boots should feel like and look like. These boots are well worth the investment. I have been wearing these boots for 4 months and I must say that I am impressed. Other firefighters have noticed them as well. Many are always asking about the reviews I am doing. They want to know about the decent products out there. The point is that these product reviews are paying off locally as well as globally with the reach of this blog.

You might remember I did a review of the Black Diamond X boot here and here. They took that design and made it even better.

These boots are beyond comfortable. I know that because not only have I been wearing them for 4 months, but I have fought some fire in them and even did a 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Firehouse Expo in them.

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The Black Diamond Footwear X Boot

I don’t take product reviews lightly. I take my time and do it right. My reputation as a reviewer is on the line each time I do a review. I want to make sure I hit the high points and the low points of each product. My intention was to do a video review of these boots but I just couldn’t pull it off.

My first impression of the X2 Boot…

The look – These boots are solid black. They look solid. Just look at the pictures. This is after 4 months of decent use.

The feel – Out of the box, these boots slipped right on. I did not have to wear them around to break them in. I put them right in my gear and got ready for business. They don’t hug your foot, and the 3-point heel locking system holds your foot in place and keeps your foot from slipping around inside. They slipped on and off very easily.

The toe –  The toe on these boots is probably one of the best I have seen yet. They have a molded rubber toe cap that has held up very well so far.

My X2 boots as they sit in my turnout gear.

Best feature – Much like the X boot I think the best feature is the integrated and reinforced pull on system. They also added a lip on the heel to assist in taking them off….great idea!

Worst feature – Made in China… the potential lower cost from outsourcing to China probably means more sales for those who don’t care about where a product is made…but for myself and many others that “Made in USA” might mean the difference between purchasing this boot and another which is made in the United States.

For all of the specifications of the X2 boot check out the spec sheet can here


Molded Rubber Toe Cap and Heel for High Abrasion and Ankle Support Guard Protection

Now for the serious stuff…


On the fireground – I caught a pretty decent fire wearing the X2 boot. I didn’t even notice I had them on. You can read about the fire here. I was on the nozzle (that doesn’t happen all the time). It was a hot fire, but then again I don’t know of any fires which aren’t hot. They got some use and were very comfortable.

Walking – I have done plenty of this wearing the boots. On every call for the past 4 months I have worn them. Most notably, I participated in the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at

The construction is solid on these boots.

Firehouse Expo wearing the X2 Boots and my full turnout gear. Willie Wines Jr. did the same. You can read about our climb here and here. We walked 110 stories in the X2 Boots and I never thought for a minute about my feet hurting because they did not. Those boots are that comfortable. There were other firefighters wearing running shoes and I cannot imagine their feet were any better off than mine.



  • Leather : Firetuff flame retardant waterproof heavyweight leather
  • Fusion fabric : Nomex®/Kevlar®/Taflon® F.P.P.E)

Exclusive calf-fit system allows for extended CALF WIDTH, maximum flexibility, comfort and fit



  • CROSSTECH® membrane with Omaha lining
  • Kevlar lined for cut protection


  • Ortholite® 3-density, milti-fit, removable footbed with TPU heel cradle
  • Proprietary rubber comfort cup sole with comfort flex, high abrasion and traction performance

Other notable design specs:

  • Form-fitting shin-guard protector
  • Built-in heel boot jack for easy-off
  • Exclusive calf-fit system allows for extended CALF WIDTH, maximum flexibility, comfort and fit
  • The boots come in one width with removable footbed inserts for those of us with wider feet.

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Thanks so much for Black Diamond for sending me a pair of boots to review.

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