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A Look Back at FDIC 2016

FDIC was held a couple of weeks ago. Now that life is back to normal, I'd like to share about the trip to FDIC this year. I had a great time, with great friends. Each year the event gets better and better. I look forward to seeing you next year.

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Black Diamond Footwear X2 Firefighting Boots – Product Review

I have been wearing these boots for 4 months and I must say that I am impressed. Other firefighters have noticed them as well. Many are always asking about the reviews I am doing. They want to know about the decent products out there. The point is that these product reviews are paying off locally as well as globally with the reach of this blog.

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Voting Continues and heats up for the Blog of the Year!

What has been interesting is how on Sunday, Rescuing Providence has narrowed the almost 150 vote lead by A Day in the Life of An Ambulance Driver to less than 100 votes. Last year, we saw the majority of the votes in the last two days. Anything can happen. It all depends on who is pulling for who and how many votes you can get (obviously).

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