Firefighter Suicides…Prevention and Counseling

Updated: Here is a great article from on Depression in his own words and experiences. Check out how he has learned and copes with depression.

Recently, 4 firefighter suicides in the Phoenix Fire Department have raised eyebrows. The need for counseling and prevention are real and have been identified.

Firefighter Netcast recently had Jeff Dill on a show about a Battalion Chief from suburban Chicago, who holds a Masters Degree in Counseling.  Chief Dill has established CSSF, Counseling Services for Firefighters, which offers behavioral health support to firefighters; trains senior fire officers, and educates clinicians on the benefits of understanding the life and emotions- of firefighters. Visit the CSSF here – CSFF Web Page and on Facebook.

This is a topic that needs to be discussed. Listen to the podcast and watch the video. You never know, someone you know might be exhibiting signs and be in need of help right now.

You can listen to the podcast from Firefighter Netcast right here.

If you are in need of immediate assistance, the contact information for the CSSF is here.

Below is a video about the steps that the Phoenix FD has taken to assist firefighters in preventing suicide.