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Suicide: Saving Our Brothers After the Call…

I have finally sat down to write a simple post about suicide and offer some links for those who seek them. Whether you are looking for yourself, or for that of a friend or family member, please utilize these links and information. I am certain there is plenty more information out there, I am simply throwing together a short list that might offer some help.

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Firefighter Suicides…Prevention and Counseling

Firefighter Netcast recently had Jeff Dill on a show about a Battalion Chief from suburban Chicago, who holds a Masters Degree in Counseling. Chief Dill has established CSSF, Counseling Services for Firefighters, which offers behavioral health support to firefighters; trains senior fire officers, and educates clinicians on the benefits of understanding the life and emotions- of firefighters. Visit the CSSF here - CSFF Web Page and on Facebook.

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