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Video: House Fire in Boston. Female Firefighter Venting the Roof is Featured…For Some Reason.

I am not exactly sure what is going on here, but the videographer or the person who loaded the video has something for the female firefighter who is venting the roof.

All I could think was that I would have taken a saw instead of an axe…work smarter not harder! Oh and a helmet might have helped as well!

The video shows plenty more from the Boston Jakes on this fire as well! It seems as though they rescued a puppy from the fire!

The fire was today at West Seldon St. in Mattapan according to the video.

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  • Dave

    Not being critical here, just an observation. She has no helmet, no breathing apparatus on, so she’s taking in smoke into her lungs and also where is her fall and arrest harness to prevent her from falling off the roof/ top of the ladder? didn’t the safety officer pick up on this? It’s basic stuff, protect yourself on the job or your buddies will have another casualty to deal with

  • guy


  • Sphurb

    very unprofessional. If I had a mutual aid agreement with this department I’d be very disturbed by this video. Any one notice that no one was wearing their SCBA’s properly (if they were even wearing one at all)? I guess this department is just so damn good they don’t need to consider safety. As a firefighter that works very had to keep my people well trained and safe, it’s sad to see something like this.

  • Mike

    Chief would have sent me back to FF1 for that.

  • W Mcl

    The IC seems too busy fiddling with the command table to notice her lack off helmet. Situational awareness also means to spot own mistakes before they can do any harm.

  • Jcqsr

    Being a volunteer firefighter in a country department made me think for a second the big citiy guys do it just like in the movies when I saw that. Seems like a great way to be another number.

  • Too Old To Work

    Remember the motto of the BFD “150 years of tradition, unimpeded by progress.”

  • Kuila2

    BACK TO BASIC TRAINING for her to teach her when in the fire zone to don FULL PROTECTIVE CLOTHING,this is very bad image for us firefighters.

  • FlyingDutchman

    Would a helmet have helped her make the hole? I’d love to see any of you heros work off a ladder like that. Yes…..the books say wear a ladder belt,wear an scba and don’t forget your hood. Lets throw as much weight on our backs as possible and see if it makes it safer to swing an axe off a ladder.

  • KDenby

    FlyingDutchman – respectfully, are you KIDDING???? A proper cut-off saw would do the job correctly. (Meaning the operator with a backup firefighter for balance) Let’s get down to a basic reality here: OHS legislation demands proper equiptment be worn, that it be used in the spirit that it was intended and that the supervisor MUST make sure of compliance. None of that is happening here.

    Are you telling us here that your Captain/Chief would allow you to work alone above a working fire without SCBA, without PPE, without the right tool, without a buddy for back-up and without a charged hoseline? Are you also saying that it is acceptable to work off an aerial while straddling the rails with one foot on a roof? Nevermind the 9 mistakes this individual is making, one has to wonder why her Captain is still in charge of the rig? So where is the on scene safety officer? There is a reality out there called Negligence and Liability and everyone on this scene made their asses a target by this female firefighter’s performance.

    She should given a written performance shortcoming warning and sent back to the Academy to take basic training over again, and her captain needs a big-time written warning to be made accountable for his disregard to the safety of his personnel. (And you know, I think that Boston’s municipal management and corporate Safety people should have a long chat with the Fire Chief about his department’s performance).

    What in hell were these people thinking?