The Fire Critic Has Arrived! I have Started a Thread that was Closed by the WebChief on Firefighter Nation!

Maybe I am alone in my joy, but I feel as though I have finally arrived!

I started a thread titled “Should Felons be allowed to be Firefighters?” on Firefighter Nation

The link is here

The forum topic got 22 pages of comments over the past 4 months almost to the day. Over that 4 months, the discussion would fade off and every couple of weeks it would get revived and many more comments would be added.  The total was somewhere around 260 comments.

That isn’t too bad. I actually left the discussion after making my point that NO, felons should not be firefighters. Many said that some felonies were not bad. I then asked anyone to name a GOOD felony. No takers.

The WebChief closed the discussion because: “Thread closed….has been active for some time. Non firefighters may be removed from the site.”

I admit I have not been following the discussion recently and I am sure that the WebChief has good reason to close the thread. It must have something to do with the non-firefighters fueling the fire. I can’t be the length of time. Hell, the “Word Association Game” thread has been going for over a year and a half with over 20,000 replies. So it can’t be the length of time!

Don’t worry, I am not mad. I am relieved….because I have finally arrived!

Now, you might be asking what I arrived at…I am not completely sure. But I have had a thread closed by the WebChief on Firefighter Nation and that has to count for something…