Monthly Archives: October 2009

A Reintroduction to the Fire Critic

The topics discussed, reason for, and point of the Fire Critic didn't come together until I started writing. I enjoy discussing a myriad of topics and you usually won't find the same stuff week after week. I try my best to mix it up and I really enjoy bringing humor when I can. I am sure you have caught some sarcasm along the way as well....that is me being me!

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Volunteers…Who Needs Them?

These organizations were formed for a common goal, agenda, or purpose. They were built by firefighters, EMT's, and other public safety members. Many of them don't have any full time employees and rely on members volunteering their time to "work" for the organization. Even the organizations which do employ full time staff, they thrive off of volunteers to keep the organization moving. They cannot afford to pay everyone for their positions and utilize members who are passionate about their cause.

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Busy Weekend for the Fire Critic

I was busy this weekend. The whole Critic family traveled to Nashville for a quick weekend to visite grandma and grandpa Critic in Mount Juliet (just outside Nashville). On the way there, I learned of a Franklin, TN firefighter who died while working his side job for Rural Metro

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Field Tested and Fire Critic Approved


I am partaking in a field testing of some new boots over the next week or so. These have not been approved by the Fire Critic yet, but hopefully the boots will wear well and be all they are supposed to be. I noticed that 999 Medic and Ckemtp are field testing the boots as well.

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The Academy – Orange County Fire


Season 3 episode 1 of The Academy: Orange County Fire is available online. The reality show (more of a docu-drama) has previously been about law enforcement. This year it is all about a behind-the-scenes look at recruits of the Orange ...

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EMS as a Profession?

Here is a hot topic for you – Should EMS be a profession? Some have even dubbed it EMS 2.o (originally coined by The Happy Medic according to the comments) as if the future is in the works and testing ...

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