Catching Up This Week

Hey readers….both of you…I am behind, way behind. I am condensing a bunch of stuff into one post.

Follow along…

Monday Morning Shoutout – This weeks Monday Morning Shoutout (delivered on Tuesday) goes to Pedro the Paramedic. I have enjoyed this blog for some time now. I am a huge fan of pics and vids, Pedro apparently is not. He has some pics and vids, but a lot is text. Either way, his style of writing captivates me in a way unlike a picture book. Check him out sometime if you haven’t already!


Tuesday Morning Job Security Check this is sometimes posted in the morning, but who is really paying that close attention to when whatever happens. This weeks TMJSC is just a humerous montage of video:

Funeral Coverage – Full coverage and images of the funeral for Roanoke Fire-EMS Department Captain Chris Brown are available over at Check out the images and a couple videos from the local news channels. Yes, that is the Fire Critic’s handy work behind the camera…I am getting better.

Fire Critic Apparel – Finally, if you are looking for the Fire Critic Apparel the link is here. I apologize for leaving it out of the sidebar. I will be adding it soon enough. Check out the shirts, mugs, aprons, etc.