Busy Weekend for the Fire Critic

Thanks for the condolences of our loss at my FD. I hope to have more on the story at a later date. We will be burying Captain Chris Brown tomorrow.

I was busy this weekend. The whole Critic family traveled to Nashville for a quick weekend to visite grandma and grandpa Critic in Mount Juliet (just outside Nashville). On the way there, I learned of a Franklin, TN firefighter who died while working his side job for Rural Metro (story here). I am friends with the IAFF Pres. down in Franklin, great guy!

Last night, I caught wind of one of our retired members who passed away. We will bury him on Tuesday. It is interesting how much you can learn from someone who retired when you were 5. He was a great guy and will be missed.

I caught a story by STATter on Houston banning helmet cams. Apparently the dept. doesn’t want to get caught if something goes wrong. I might have bought other reasons, but that one just doesn’t sit well with me. Apparently they want the rug pulled up and the broom in full swing in case something happens.

I will be back up and running full speed again soon. Bear with me while we get through the funerals.

Oh yeah. Since I have another minute.

In case you still haven’t been able to put it all together….This is me. In case you are wondering why I didn’t offer my name up front it was merely because I wanted the readers to focus on what was being said and not who was saying it. I will update the “about” page soon enough.

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