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Video: Working House Fire in Lafayette County

On March 28, 2011 the Lafayette County Fire Department responded to a working structure fire. The video shows moderate smoke conditions present in a small residential structure. An interior attack was initiated and the fire was under control quickly. Firefighters had a difficult time checking for extension in the attic due to plywood ceilings and no attic access. Positive pressure ventilation was used during the fire attack to aid the firefighters in extinguishing the fire.

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Raw Video: Two Fires in Lafayette County, Mississippi

Check out the two fires below captured on video in Lafayette County, Mississippi. MSfirenet offers great video from the area regularly. Check out their website here - Lafayette County Fire Department March 9, 2011 The first one is a house fire where the fire gets into the attic. The firefighters attempt to get it from the outside, then they move interior. From the video, it appears they might have still had some trouble getting to the fire in the attic.

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