Must See Video: Corinth, MS Lieutenant Rescues Man From House Fire Just as Room Ignites. Rescuers Helmet Camera Catches the Entire Thing

Video by Chris Duncan. Info: Helmet Cam video of house fire in Corinth, Ms. On 1-11-2013, Corinth FD responded to a house fire with reported explosion and victims trapped. Upon arrival, found house heavily involved in fire. Neigbors had removed a nine month old child from bedroom. Upon arrival Lt. from E-401 was advised that father was still inside. Lt. made entry into bedroom, located and removed victim just prior to room igniting.

A little bit about the Corinth, Mississippi FD:

The Corinth Fire Department works out of 4 stations with 49 personnel. Station 1 located in city hall runs with one 1986 80′ E-One aerial and one 1994 E-One pumper. Station two serves the northeast section of the city with a 2000 E-One pumper. Station 3 serves the western section of the city with a 1997 E-One pumper. Station 4 serves the southeast section of the city with a 2002 E-One pumper.