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Video: How NOT to Conduct a Training Burn

First of all, you should not need accelerant to conduct a training burn. Secondly, you should not need to ADD more accelerant to a fire whether it is a training burn or not. All I can think is that the gear those guys are wearing is ruined. You can't just crawl through fuel like that and think that it will just wash out. Twice, the firefighter dumps fuel out of a bucket into the connex storage container.

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10 Questions on FirefighterSpot.com

FirefighterSpot.com is one of the premier sites to find the best firefighting video around. The site has been up for several years and has provided videos for training, learning, and close calls. I was featured today on the column "10 Questions". The column asks the same 10 questions to various firefighters around the Nation. What a great idea! I wish I had thought of it. Maybe I will create 11 questions! Just kidding.

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FireGroundVideo.com is up and running again!

FireGroundVideo.com is going strong and better than ever! I created the web site a while back as a sub-site of FireCritic.com. The reason I started it was because I started posting a lot of videos on FC and realized that maybe there was a need for another site. I was kinda right and kinda wrong. The truth is that web sites are time consuming. I tried my best at updating FGV in a timely manner but realized I just didn't have the time.

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