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For love of the Job… A Firefighter who has no future in show business and Cebu Pacific Flight Attendants Who Got it Going On

These two videos show different aspects of really loving your job. The first one is of a firefighter who should definitely love his job, because he has no future in whatever it is he is doing. The second video is courtesy of Bill Schumm of FireGeezer who was certain when he said "I know you can find a place for this one". I don't think he will doubt me in the future. The second video shows Cebu Pacific Flight Attendants who apparently love their job. This is a must see video!

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Top Ten Best/Funniest Firefighter Dance Videos

You might remember me posting a video of Firefighters dancing to Poker Face by Lady GaGa back in August of 2009. The video was removed from Youtube, but then I found it again and added it back to the page. I have now taken the time to pick out some of the best firefighter dance videos.

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