Top Ten Best/Funniest Firefighter Dance Videos

You might remember me posting a video of Firefighters dancing to Poker Face by Lady GaGa back in August of 2009. The video was removed from Youtube, but then I found it again and added it back to the page. I have now taken the time to pick out some of the best firefighter dance videos.

Fire Daily posted one of the videos here (360 Burn Size-up of the Fire Web 3/2/2010) as I had hit on it a while back here.

The Top Ten Best and Funniest Firefighter Dance Videos…Enjoy!

10. Firefighter Dance
Description: the video starts out sllow but please watch all of it and rate and comments are welcome. i do not own any of the audio used and simply mixed together a few songs that sounded good with a few dj tools and myself and another fellow firefighter danced to it while another firefighter recorded it

9. Just Dance Lady GaGa Bunker Gear Dance
Description: With only 5 min of planning….Take 1…Action

8. Firefighters Got Rhythm
Description: Helping out the community

7. Firefighter Dance Video
Description: Some helicopter crewmembers take some time to develop some dance skills

6. Jake the dancing Fire Fighter

5. Newport Firefighters Doing Solja Boy
Description: four firefighters do soulja boy in front of their truck

4. The Firefighter Dance
Description: TRAINING BURN (since some thing he is neglecting his dutys)…Unprompted response after a firefighter sees the camera on him after fighting fire while training. But remember, after the work is done – nothing wrong with having a little fun. Be safe out there!

3. Fireman Pole Dance
Description: Fireman pole dancing on the fireman’s pole used to slide down to the fire engines from the upstairs floors. (with some unforseen consequences…)

2. Dancing Firefighter
Description: rookie firefighter paid to dance and man can he dance

1. Fire Fighters in Poker Face Music Video
Description: none