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Fire, EMS, and Police Bloggers are Becoming Spokespersons for Products and Services


Sure, having busty tall blonde booth babes works very well too. But that typically just gets guys to stop and stare for a little while. Having a personality that many people know prior to the show in your booth can be an even bigger draw. Plus, what do those booth babes know about your product? You probably gave them a 5 minute crash course on your product and expect them to be experts. Once they leave the show they aren't going to write about the fun they had, the people they met, publish pictures from your booth, or any of that.

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Firefighting on TV…Who will be next?


Rescue Me was a hit. Many firefighters enjoyed it. I thought it showed how dysfunctional firefighters can be...not all of us, but some of us. It started out being pretty heavy on the firefighting and light on the drama...it ended up being very heavy on the drama and light on the firefighting. Trauma was just way over the top...and too many ambo drivers! The question now is what will be the next network show or movie about firefighting... Here are some of the options...

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Gearing up for FDIC…The Fire Critic Offers Social Media Training


I will be teaching a class on Social Media for the Fire Service at FDIC this year. The class is titled "Social Media: The Fire Service's Next Big Innovation" Who should attend? Anyone interested in social media, blogging, and branding their department online. Administrators who want to learn about social media, get examples of social media policies, as well as firefighters who want to brand their companies and departments. There will be information for all levels!

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Chronicles of EMS Trailer


The filming of "The Project" and the subsequent creation of "Chronicles of EMS" seemed to be a snowball effect which really took on a life of its own. The whirlwind of social media that surrounded the buildup of "The Project" was a marketing wet dream! What a dream to have all of that free publicity, some great industry social media geniuses involved, and more and more people getting on board every minute.

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Is History Being Made?

To many readers it seems as though everything has melded into "Chronicles of EMS". To me there is still a very defined boundary between "The Project" and "Chronicles of EMS". However, I have no problem with many transposing the events into one and spreading the word. However, I could be totally off base on this whole thing...that is just the way I see it.

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