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Blog Tip – Monetizing your Fire/EMS Blog Part II

There are many ways of making money on your blog. I have detailed several below. You should note that there are plenty of other sources of making money on your blog other than listed here. These are the ones that I have found to be worth the time. Feel free to let me know in the comments of ways you make money and share with everyone!

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Blog Tip – Monetizing your Fire/EMS Blog Part I

Some people are very finicky about making money, posting ads, and asking for donations on their blogs. Some love it and others hate it. I am referring to the actual bloggers here, the readers are another thing. Whether you decide to monetize your blog is an important decision and one that should not be made without proper research on best practices. That is where I come in. I hope to help you along in making the best of your blog and doing it right if/when you decide to monetize it.

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Blog Tip – Tagging Youtube Videos

Actually, this is about tagging any videos. Having Youtube in the title is more of a SEO bonus! Here is a pet peeve of mine…coming across a video accidentally that is named “video S-84394”. No information, no tags, 14 views ...

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