Blog Tip – Tagging Youtube Videos

Actually, this is about tagging any videos. Having Youtube in the title is more of a SEO bonus!

Here is a pet peeve of mine…coming across a video accidentally that is named “video S-84394”. No information, no tags, 14 views but it is a great video that you would have loved to have seen when it was uploaded 3 years ago. That might be a little exaggerated but if you upload/search/watch videos online you will see my point.

I like searching for videos. I like finding what I am looking for if it exists.

If you are uploading videos here are some tips to help you get your video watched more:

  1. Name the video – Make it something pertinent like “House Fire in Scranton” or “4 alarm fire in Jacksonville”.
  2. Tag your video – If you are uploading videos so other people will watch you should be a tag whore! Tags are usually separated by commas. Examples would be: House Fire, Firefighter, Fire, Fireman, Firefighting, Scranton Fire Department, Fire Department, Jacksonville, etc.
  3. Describe the video – This day in age of embedding videos on blogs and web sites is getting out of control! But I love it! If you want your video embedded, be sure to NAME IT, TAG IT, AND DESCRIBE IT. “House Fire” doesn’t say much in the description. Add details like Where (City,State), When (date), What time, Who responded, other pertinent data.

Use this simple ideas to increase the views on your videos!

Above all else, email people when it is online. Shoot an email to bloggers and web sites when you have uploaded a video you think they should see!

Here is a perfect example below. This is why you should tag your youtube videos.

Title: Fire at IVC Marikina
FC: I don’t know where IVC Marikina is. I might be able to figure it out but why not just give me the info!

Description: house burning near our house, I’ve cutted the video so soon coz the wires from the post were snapping!!!
FC: Spelling? Grammer? Where is “our house”.? If I knew then I would know where the fire is!

Tags: Fire
FC: At least they tagged “fire”. However on youtube, fire is not a decent tag. It should be “house fire” at least!