Product Snapshot

Firefighting Product Reviews in a League of Their Own

This process of creating the new site has been long and worthwhile. I first thought of wanting to do reviews back in 2006, I began them 5 years later...and now the stand alone web site. The main reason why I moved the reviews to a separate site was because of feedback wanting more information and more reviews.

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Channellock 87 Rescue Tool – Product Review

I soon realized that the new 87 would work just fine. I used it all of the time for cutting battery cables. It is also a perfect tool for cutting any other wires/cables if I need. If I ever find myself all wrapped up inside a structure, I could use them to cut my way out. Plus there are many other uses for the tool.

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Rip Shears – Product Review

The Rip Shears are a simple attachment to trauma shears that we already carry. It makes sense. We aren't adding ANOTHER pair of shears, we are making the ones we carry better. That is always one big question when I get products...Do we need it, do we have to add another tool, or are we making a tool better? In this case, we are making a tool better.

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