Product Snapshot: Fire Hose Belt By Optix International

At FDIC this year, I was introduced to the Fire Hose Belt made by Optix International.

These belts are made by firefighters from hose that was in service, and made in the USA.

A portion of the proceeds goes back to the fire department where the hose comes from. Currently, there are plenty of colors from various fire departments to choose from.

Since getting mine, I wear it almost daily. You can get them your hose to make belts too!

Some of their other products include shirts, coasters, and more belts! – Facebook PageTwitter @Optix_Intl


About Optix International:

Every fire hose has a story

As a firefighter, when I enter a burning structure, one of the most important tools that I have is a fire hose. It’s essentially my tether, In the event something should go wrong, A fire hose is the only thing that I have to help me find my way back to safety. Every year, Approximately 100 firefighters lose their lives protecting the lives and property of others. My goal is to help honor their memory and remind people of their dedication. That’s why this project is so personal to me; I am currently collecting the retired fire hoses from different cities and making individually unique belts from the actual fire hose. Each belt will come with a tag that tells a story from that fire department of the cities that used them, right down to the truck that it rode with for years. The uniqueness of these belts are not only attractive, but they are a great conversation starter that will honor the firefighters who used them. As a bonus, a percentage of sales go right back to the department who used your individual belt. I want to tell the story of firefighters around the U.S.A. With your help, we will be able to continue the search for failed fire hose and tell the story of the brave men and women who are out there every day giving it everything they have. Thank you for your support!

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