Dave LeBlanc on Firefighter Netcast Live Tonight With his Brand New Show “The Front Seat”


Now, DAVE IS BACK and BETTER THAN EVER! Dave LeBlanc is setting out on his own and created his own show on Firefighter Netcast titled "The Front Seat" (previous working title was "Taking Up").The Front Seat will be airing tonight at 9pm EST. He will be on the air with John Mitchell and I. It has been a while since John and I have gummed it up on The Firefighter Netcast Show as we have been rolling out new shows about every month here at Firefighter Netcast.

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Firefighter Suicides…Prevention and Counseling


Firefighter Netcast recently had Jeff Dill on a show about a Battalion Chief from suburban Chicago, who holds a Masters Degree in Counseling. Chief Dill has established CSSF, Counseling Services for Firefighters, which offers behavioral health support to firefighters; trains senior fire officers, and educates clinicians on the benefits of understanding the life and emotions- of firefighters. Visit the CSSF here - CSFF Web Page and on Facebook.

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Firefighter Netcast Live tonight at 9pm with Retired Buffalo Lt. Pat Coghlan


Tiger’s guest will be retired Lt. Patrick Coghlan from the Buffalo Fire Department. Pat is a 34-year veteran of Rescue One and Vice President of the Buffalo Fire Historical Society. More than that, Patty is a real character with a bit of a crusty exterior — but when you peel that away — you find a big guy with an even bigger heart and a very special fondness for telling stories and preserving the rich history of the fire service.

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Firefighter Netcast Live Thursday Night with Chief Kelly Edmison of the Union City Fire Department to Discuss the Newest Developments in the Obion County/South Fulton Dilemma


Chief Kelly Edmison will be joining John Mitchell, Art Goodrich, and myself Thursday night live at 9pm on Firefighter Netcast. Chief Kelly Edmison has been in contact with Dave Statter discussing the latest developments in Obion County that effect all of the Municipal FD's in the County.

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