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Our Stories: The Depressed Firefighter

our stories final

I never told the other firefighters in my department about my depression. I was afraid they would see me in a different light if they knew how depressed I was before joining. I would rather not be treated differently because of it.No one is alone. Even if they choose to keep it to themselves, as I have done until now, they’re not alone. Never. That’s something I’ve learned.

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Video: Riverbank, CA Liquor Store Fire

east side fire

On 08/13/2014 the Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Department responded to a report of a structure fire. On scene they found a liquor store and a cell phone store involved in fire. A total of 9 agencies assisted in the operations. The two stores involved are a loss. A connecting church sustained water and smoke damage. No injuries were reported.

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Feature Your Products on

product snapshot 2 is one of the most popular fire service blogs in the World. Coupled with a Facebook page that boasts 130k+ fans, and other social media outlets it is one of the most powerful fire service sites in the World as well. If you are interested in getting your products showcased on and/or the Facebook page it is easier and probably MUCH CHEAPER than you thought.

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Must See Video: Newark, NJ Firefighter Trapped at Attic Window Apparently Out of Air (3 videos)

newark close call

I am not certain that the firefighter is out of air, but it seems that way from the video and comments of bystanders in the video of him not having his face piece on. Either way, the firefighter was in need of assistance getting out of the building. There isn't much info on this other than it was in Newark, NJ on Fillmore Street this evening and a firefighter is trapped. Watch as the crews on scene work to get to the firefighter via extension ladder, aerial ladder, and from inside the structure. Also note what happens at 6:00 into the video. I imagine it became pretty intense on scene. The videographer notes that the fire was through the roof earlier although it is not caught on video.

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