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Cyber Monday Deals for the Fire Service

mn8 3

I am sure there are more deals to add. I will add them when I get them. In the meantime, check out these great "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" deals. Some of these deals only last a day, others last much longer. if you have another deal to add.

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Top 20 Firefighter Calendars of 2015


Once again, I offer you the BEST firefighter calendars from around the World. This year, there is only one list of calendars. In past years, they have been split up between male & female calendars.As always, I commend each of the firefighters depicted in these calendars for taking the time to get fit or remain fit for the calendar. I know it is hard work. Thank you for all of the calendars who sent in a calendar for review…it makes this process easier.

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Helmet Cam: Lone Firefighter Operates at House Fire Until Help Arrives

trumann fire

Upon arrival the neighbor, in the video, told me that he believed the children were still inside, although there were no vehicles home. We are a small department and I was alone for quite some time and this is the reason for my search/extinguish approach. Once my partner arrived we did a thorough search and exited the structure per Incident Command. No residents were present. Trumann Fire Department

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Epic Rap Battle: Police VS. Firefighter (warning:language)

epic rap battle

I just happened to watch one of these guys videos the other day. Pretty funny stuff about the military. Now, they come out with this pretty raunchy and funny rap battle between police and fire. I am sure some of you might get butthurt over this one...but much of it has some truth to it. Maybe we should work on that perception!

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