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Video: FDNY Members Save Three Children from Fire

Firefighters from Ladder 107, (L to R) FF Justin Tallett, Lt. Christopher Bedard and FF Frank Blackstone.

FDNY firefighters and EMS members saved the lives of three young children from a fire on Loring Avenue in Brooklyn on July 29.“It’s what we strive to do every day and it’s a good thing to be able to save someone’s life,” Lt. Christopher Bedard, Ladder 107, said. “Everyone involved did a phenomenal job.”

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SAFRE Wrap-Up and a Top Ten List You Don’t Want to Miss!

Mike Legeros photo

I just got back from an awesome time at the South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo (SAFRE) in Raleigh, NC. This was my first time attending the show and I will definitely be back next year. First of all, thank you to everyone I got to hang out with, you men and women really make this event one of the best in the World.

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We are Throwing an All Night Party at SAFRE in Raleigh…Be there!

Meet our smoker....we will call her Shirley!

Maybe you haven't heard how Willie Wines Jr. is the 5-time high school corn-hole champion...and he didn't pass the 10th grade... AND maybe you haven't heard how Anthony Bourdain stopped by my house without a reservation... AND maybe you haven't heard how WE created Carolina Barbecue by accident while playing shuffleboard on an aircraft carrier in the middle of a hurricane while getting a pedicure and drinking raw eggs.

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Video: Burning Car Rolls Off During Car Fire Demonstration

car fire demo

This is a perfect example of something that should never happen again. If we learn from this fire departments failed demonstration it doesn't need to happen again. Some ideas: chock the wheels, flatten the tires, perform the demonstration on level ground. There is no need to bash the department, simply learn from their mistake.

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