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Video: 2 Houses Burn in Toledo

house fire 2

Fire crews arrived about 11:40 p.m. and found a house at 623 and a duplex 625 Federal fully engulfed in flames, Lieutenant Hertzfeld said. They attacked the blaze and had it under control within an hour, but not before it caused “minor” damage to the house at 631 Federal next door, he said.

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Video: Defensive in Stockton, CA w/ Blitz Attack

stockton house fire

Stockton firefighters arrived on scene to a two story, boarded up Victorian house on the corner of Acacia and Madison this morning. Firefighters began flowing water on the exterior fire, searched the first floor, and opened up the building. The fire was brought under control, with no injuries reported.

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Helmet Cam: House Fire in Hanover, PA

Hanover pa house fire

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, July 15, 2015, the Hanover and Penn Township Fire Departments were dispatched to a house fire on East Middle Street in Hanover Borough, with flames coming from the roof. Thunderstorms had recently passed through the area with lots of lightening. Hanover and Penn Twp. firefighters arrived to a working fire in a two and a half story, multiple family dwelling. The fire went to two alarms.

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Video: Arrival at Detroit House Fire

detroit house fire

While at another box alarm just about a mile away, a box alarm came in at 6404 Devereaux Street. Myself, wildfirevideosWNY, Erie County New York Incidents, Mitchell Brown and CodyL241 left the scene and headed for the Devereaux box. Arriving first, we had a few minutes to position, set up and catch some pre-arrival footage.

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