Close Call Video: Vehicle Slams into Fire Apparatus On Highway

Two firefighters were nearly hit and luckily jumped out of the way when an out of control driver struck the back of a piece of fire apparatus. Fire crews were on scene at a brush fire on the side of a highway.

Video by: Thomas Lenger. Video info: (translated) How fast of a routine use can be a life-threatening situation, now had to experience on the A3, the fire-fighters Ebreichsdorf and Pottendorf.The fire services were alerted to several fires on the highway corridor. In the direction of travel Burgenland it burned at one, in the direction of Vienna in two places. Firefighters were able to extinguish the hallway Ebreichsdorf fire on the carriageway Burgenland quickly and with a water cannon on the left lane of delete large portions of another hallway fire on the carriageway Vienna. Meanwhile, put out the Pottendorfer forces a large hall fire 100 yards ahead. They were also supported by the emergency services of FF Ebreichsdorf. It came during the fire to a thick smoke on the A3 in both directions.  When the fires already cleared and the fire brigades were only busy with damping-, there was a dramatic incident. Although the operation site of several fire engines and a patrol of the highway patrol and secure the Pannenstereifen and the first lane was closed, a vehicle operator probably came at excessive speed to the operation site. Rather than drive through at the free lane 2. slating the handlebars so far unknown reasons his car in the fast lane, collided with an emergency vehicle of FF Ebreichsdorf and finally in the rails! At the last second, a firefighter from Ebreichsdorf and a firefighter from Pottendorf could save with a jump to the side! The handlebar was badly injured by a present firefighter who is also paramedics, erstversorgt and taken to the hospital with the rescue. The car was badly damaged, the A3 had to be closed for about 1 hour.  It was a great happiness that neither contained in the application directly from the damaged emergency vehicles as well as situated directly on the slope behind the guardrails forces were not injured , Why the man was retracted so quickly into the multi hedged accident is still unclear!

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