Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Firefighters

217Each year, I present a list of great Christmas gift ideas for your firefighter. Most of those ideas stand the test of time and are good for the rest of the year including birthdays and special occasions.

I decided this year to compile a list of gift ideas for Father’s Day for Firefighters. You will find it below…

Iron Fox Axe

Yeah, you can really show your firefighter that you care about them by getting them their very own personal axe. A halligan bar would be a nice gift as well! The Iron Fox Axe is a new take on the standard firefighting axe. Check it out at EngineCoApparel.com


Qalo Ring

While you may not think of replacing your firefighters wedding band on Father’s Day, there is no better day to replace a metal ring with this silicone “safer” alternative. Be sure to check out their Thin Red Line ring.

comboIronFiremen.com Merchandise

America’s Fire Captain Willie Wines Jr. has connected with firefighters for years through his blog IronFiremen.com. His ability to write like he talks has enabled him to share his stories and experiences. Check out his merchandise here.

FSC LOGO - WHITEFirehouse Shirt Club

Firehouse Shirt Club offers a unique subscription for firehouse t-shirts mailed to your mailbox each month. Different firehouses are featured each month from across the Globe. Check them out at FirehouseShirtClub.com


EmergencyStuff.com has thousands of items for sale for that special firefighter. Check out the inventory here.

A Good Firefighting Book…

I have chronicled over 100 of the best firefighting books ever written. Sure there are more than just that and I am saving the 3rd list for a rainy day. Check out the list of great books here and here.

Engine Co. Apparel

Check out ECA, a company co-owned by The Fire Critic, for shirts, patches, and coins. We do custom work as well!

1900174_10152429186942849_8233326815012560608_nPurchase a Brick at the NFFF Memorial

The park features a brick Walk of Honor® that connects the monument, the historic Fallen Firefighters Memorial Chapel, and memorial plazas. Each brick on the walkway bears a personal inscription. Proceeds from the sale of these bricks help to finance construction of the Memorial Park.

The Walk of Honor® continues to expand and now contains more than 10,000 inscribed bricks. Numbered sections help donors and recipients locate their special bricks. More info here

If you don’t want to get a brick…check out the NFFF Store for more ideas.