Indy on Fire – FDIC Wrap-Up Part III (200 photos)

On Friday night during FDIC, we throw the biggest and best party during FDIC at The Crane Bay behind Lucas Oil Stadium. This event wouldn’t be possible without the support of our sponsors: Spartan, TECGEN PPE, Fire Cam Police and Fire Cameras, Black Diamond Protective Equipment, Viking Life-Saving Equipment, Titan by Hainsworth and 1st Arriving Network.

handoutTake a minute to check out their websites and FB pages below. Some are on other forms of social media and we encourage you to check them out and give them a “like” to show thanks for them sponsoring what has quickly become the biggest and best party at FDIC!

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Fire Cam Police and Fire CameraswebsiteFacebook page
Black Diamond Protective EquipmentwebsiteFacebook page
Viking Life-Saving Equipmentwebsite
Titan by HainsworthwebsiteFacebook page
1st Arriving NetworkwebsiteFacebook page

All of the photos in this post are by Leatherhead Photography. View the photos in high-resolution here.

First of all, I would like to let you know that I was amazed by how long the line outside got and how quickly it got so long. I assure you that we are looking at opening the doors earlier and more importantly ensuring that the line moves MUCH quicker once the doors are open!

Thank you from Andrew, Willie, Lori, and Rhett

Thank you from Andrew, Willie, Lori, and Rhett

17498203941_ccf5589b1f_kOther than the line moving slow, I was extremely pleased with how the event turned out. We had a blast, even though we were busy making sure everything was moving along as it should. I appreciate all of the kind words and seeing many of you again this year at FDIC.

Next year we are planning more fun, maybe live music, quicker lines to get in, more give-aways done in a new and improved way, more seating, and a lot more Brotherhood! 

Special thanks to all of the Pipes and Drums members who took the time to come out and play!

I cannot say enough for the guys who really made sure this event was a huge success…Starting with Andrew Catron of who really helped Willie ( and I out in planning the event. Then on to…

16876311964_a0124fb59e_kShout-out to “The Entourage” – Preston Wiley and Jarrett Harlow (Valley of the FOOLS), and Jared Lindholm head up the crew. The rest of the crew includes our photographer Matthew Schimmel (Leatherhead Photography on FB) Kevin Thompson (social media). Yes, me…a social media guru actually has a social media guy at FDIC. TJ Giles, a great friend and Brother from Oak Ridge, TN is our ghost…we never know where he is but he always shows up when we need him! The Entourage actually is a group of Brothers and Sisters that help us out when we need it. The ones above have been with us in the past and help out more than we can ever thank them for. Mike & Amanda, Chris, Andy, and Donna (Willies wife) made a special trip up just for INDY on Fire and helped out tremendously. I can’t leave out fellow VOTF Brother Steven Burke – thanks for everything.

17499682441_8541f4dc0e_kMatthew and Kevin are good friends from KZOO FOOLS. More KZOO FOOLS helped out at INDY on Fire…including Jed Wild. The crew from the Brew City FOOLS came to our aid at INDY on Fire as well and we hope they join us again next year.

Dave Statter, thanks for the continued friendship and support. I may never like you, but I will always love you! Thanks for emceeing INDY on Fire!

Bob Gard, my cohort at Engine Co. Apparel, was a huge help and ran the business on his own since I was kept busy. Bob and Tim Kron kept the merchandise selling at INDY on Fire along with Jed Wild and help from others listed above. Seth Major, our lead designer at ECA, it was great seeing you and meeting you in person. Great job guys!

You can check out the full list of “Shout-outs” here!