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A Dose of Motivation For Firefighters

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  • Sasha Decerto

    Fucking badass….and this is coming from a COP :)

  • Darren Grist

    Great video

  • Rudy

    good video, a shame Pontiac FD doesnt exists


  • Brandon

    So stupid…who really watches this crap glorifying yourselves….if you think you are a hero you are a loser

    • Patches

      I don’t remember the word “hero” ever being used in this video. It seems to me that this is exactly what the title says, a little motivation for guys that actually do the job.

  • Mike Soop

    The video is hyped up. All exterior with a motivational speech and editing. The men & woman are not hyped. Not one shift is ever the same yet the internal stress is high and consistent.