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Drone Video: Remington Arms Factory Burns in Bridgeport, CT

Video by: FIREGROUNDIMAGES. Video info: (LONG VERSION with radio traffic added) Aerial Views over the Remington Arms Factory Fire in Bridgeport, CT on August 19, 2014. Contact KM Aerial Views for all your aerial media needs at: KM Aerial Views is fully insured.

Photography obtained with:
– DJI Phantom
– GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition
– Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal for video stabilization.
– 600 MW Immersion RC 5.8 Transmitter for FPV
– Immersion RC 5.8 Circular Polarized spiroNet Antenna
– 5 inch LCD Monitor for FPV

Radio traffic is licensed under Creative Commons from Radio Reference and Broadcastify.


bridgeport drone video

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  • fireman2409

    Observation. Around 9:05 there is a shot of the ladder truck directly next to the burning building. IMHO as a past commander, I would have positioned further back on all sides and evacuated the homes. That fire wasn’t going anywhere, but the building had a lot of collapse potential. From the aerial shot, the rigs on the street side looked like they were way too close for a building that size. Even the houses looked to be well within the collapse zone. Otherwise smooth ops.