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Video: Man w/ Extinguisher Puts out Fire Prior to Firefighters Arrival

It seemed like he got most of it, learning as he went.

Video by: newsworking. Video info: At 18:00 Friday, Lehigh County Fire Radio transmitted the box for 3006 North 5th Avenue for a reported dwelling fire sending Engines 3, 13, 4, 14, 6 Truck and Rescue 8 under the command of Car 16 (Benner).

A gas can was on fire in the driveway near the garage. As the fire started to extend into the structure, a civilian armed with an extinguisher attacked the fire and went inside the garage to hit a small fire inside the door of the garage.

The fire for the most part was extinguished before the arrival of the fire department.

First due Squrt 3 arrived and stretched a hand line as a precaution and to hit some hot spots that remained. Engine 4 dropped a supply line from a hydrant a block away. The engine crew from 4 stretched a dry line to the garage. A supply line was brought off the back of the squrt and connected to a hydrant behind them at 5th and Chestnut.

2 vehicles in the garage sustained damage in the fire. The garage structure also sustained minor damage. No injuries were reported.

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video with extinguisher

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  • sharppointy1

    Looks like the civilian did a fine job. Better to have over response than under response. I have to laugh at the FF @ 3:46 – nice PPE!

    • CK83

      It’s hot. Fire is clearly out. Completely. Why cook yourself to pack everything up? The first due truck could have handled it just fine. I dunno about you, but I take my stuff off to drag up and leave.

    • mtfdff31


  • PrestigeWW

    Someone should have cancelled the next due in, and cancelled tagging the hydrant. That was a bit excessive.

  • Dean Fuller

    Ah to be on YouTube, and scrutinized by everyone in the country who knows nothing about my fire department and the way it’s run . . . that is my dream . . . maybe someday . . .

    I think the real expose should be about the cop who parked fully blocking the road, causing the first arriving to drive up on the shoulder . . .

  • Bryan G. Riebe

    Great effort by the civilian! Curious who wouldn’t let individual use extinguisher (voice heard off camera at 0:26) Any determination on cause? Noticed another container-probably gas at end of driveway near sidewalk. Ignition during transfer of gas between containers? Static?