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Helmet Cam: San Bernardino House Fire w/ Roof Ops

Video by: San Bernardino Co FFs. Video info: #Local935 #Firefighters with #SBCoFD responded to a residential structure fire yesterday in the City of #Victorville. Firefighters found a well established fire and through a coordinated aggressive attack the fire was extinguished in less than 30 minutes. Two dogs were rescued and returned to the home owners. Local935 would like to thank Victorville on its continued support of public safety and staffing.


helmet cam video san b

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  • Dave

    Seriously….the amount of LODD’s from the North American method of roof venting still amazes me…..the fire had already breached the roof…why were they up there at all?

  • ND

    I agree Dave, Where is the roof ladder…being used to get on the roof with…and those massive cuts through un-impinged roof. Feel sorry for the home owner.

    • BH

      A roof ladder would have had them up there twice as long, maybe longer. That roof is the next best thing to flat most of us will ever see. I guarantee you they were up and down quicker than you could have been running it like a 1001 class.

      Just because you read it in a textbook doesn’t make it a good idea.

  • Ukfbbuff

    Well, yes you have to ask why they were up on the roof cutting more holes in iit and 2014

    Increasing the “flow path” of air into the fire area and it’s intensity.

    The video was just over four minutes, yet I didn’t see any condensing steam production occurring which would be indicative of the interior hose team attacking the fire

  • Rob

    We don’t do this job because its safe, that’s for people who sit at desks. We make aggressive interior attacks, and that area is known for outstanding roof ventilation techniques. We do these things based on tradition and how effective they are. We take pride in our traditions here which is why you don’t see many of us wearing those stupid looking space man helmets.

    • Robert

      I know that is tradition but the problem is that this tradition is not safe! So called ”SPACE MAN HELMENTS” and a lot more safer! At home you probably electric stove why you stop using the gas one if that was a tradition back in a day? Because its safer and I rather look like a space man and being safe than with the traditional helment and hurt or dead!

      • Rob

        Like I said, safety isn’t something im worried about, if that was the case I wouldn’t be a firefighter. Im willing to put my life on the line to protect life and property because that’s what I swore do, I know the guy standing next to me has my back, and I have his. That’s the only safety I need.