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Video: St. Clair, PA House Fire with Roof Ops

Video by: jck5055. Video info: Firefighters from St. Clair battle a house fire at 207 North Front Street in the borough on May 7, 2014. Additional crews from Altamont, Pottsville, Minersville and Schuylkill Haven were requested to the scene. It took around two hours until the fire was brought under control.

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  • Truck Company FF

    Glad to see everything was done right! The roof ladder on the roof because it was pitched roof, the halligan buried into the roof for footing, BUT WHERE IS YOUR SCBA? to the white shield sitting on the roof it is your job to maintain safety for you guys! This was not only a major safety issue but its a stupidity issue as well! You cant help people if your dead on the roof from smoke inhalation! Second what took so long for the roof to be opened up? And this late in the game why even open it? I can understand in row home construction but the house doesn’t appear to be attached to other houses, so after horizontal ventilation was done and effective why waste time and energy. Third whats with the guy on the ladder leaning into the window with heavy smoke pushing out? Rookie trying to get the smoke eater smell on his gear?

  • GSD 341

    WOW no SCBA on the roof…………….Really. Also why the hell did I keep hearing a PASS going off.