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Close Call Video: Firefighter Stranded on Roof at Commercial Fire; Waits Over 2 Minutes for Ladder

Video by: Much Levesque. Video info: (translated) I apologize for my language I was afraid for fireman.

A few tense moments as a firefighter is stranded on the roof at this commercial fire. The firefighter has to wait over 2 minutes for a ladder to be thrown for him to get off the roof. The audio in the video is in French. I am guessing this is in Canada.


caught on roof


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  • David

    This is in Canada, right.

    • IzzyB

      Yes is it…why? Something wrong?

  • John

    Northern New Brunswick, Canada.

  • Kari

    Its in Saint -Quentin New-Brunswick Canada

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  • Tom

    if it were me, I would have jumped to the lower roof and then to the ground. I know its very easy to criticize after the face, but he appeared to give up and waited for someone to rescue him. Why was he up there without an escape route or proper PPE?

    • Msradell

      I’m not sure I would’ve done the double roof jump you mentioned but your other points are certainly valid! Everyone knows that you don’t go someplace you don’t have an escape route, how did he get to the roof in the 1st place? If someone removed his ladder they should be dismissed from the department! He also should have had his PPE on while going up there. It also doesn’t look like he was ever really in an extremely dangerous position at any time.

    • Jimm Tibo

      the lower roof was a 9 feet drop ! its a hight jump for a 52 years guy … but on the video its not look that bad a iknow

  • Andrew

    It looks to me like the roof is already vented, so why prey tell send somebody up there in the first place?

  • Ben

    How did he get up there in the first place? Did they move the ladder on him?

  • Leo1029

    Lets put this in proper prospective. Excuse my french, but who the feck was in charge of that cluster??????? Three guys are pushing a stream in the burnt end. The fire is pushing out the other. Poor Jacques is standing on the end watching his position deteriorate ( no guys the roof pitch is to steep to jump roofs, but great for breaking bones and falling on the ground) and the three clowns with the ladder are to busy screwing around to give it up for Jacques…..Another minute and Jacques would have been Canadian bacon……

  • Aaron Perry

    Here’s my question- Why was he on the roof in the first place? The fire is already venting itself. No need to cut more holes in it.

    • Jimm Tibo

      i was one of thoes firefighter there …we send im make a holes becaus at first the fire didnt venting enought , the guy was there for 5-7min but the video juste start at the end…the wroof did just fall like 30 minute later. this guy is my friend and he tell me that there no problem there, he juste ask to get down at the end ! end we’r not full time firefighter , its a little town, we are on call, we dont to this everyday ..sorry for my english sir !

  • Helene

    St-Quentin is Northern New Brunswick Canada yes.. and mainly french!

  • sharppointy1

    ‘Allo, mes freres? C’est un peu chaud ici!!

  • Hook1788

    Really?? This is like being down by 3 bottom of the ninth bases loaded 2 outs and being served a hanging curve ball for the grand slam. How did he get up there in the first place??? Self venting fire, no partner……

  • Bill Simmons

    At least “holy shit” is a common term.

  • ffjsb

    Canadians haven’t been having much luck with ladder ops recently…

  • Evan Davidson

    Welcome to comedy hour NOT!

    How did the captain get his position? Certainly not through training & experience. What a bunch of dickheads!