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Helmet Cam: House Fire in Chester County, PA

Video by: Robert Klinger Jr.. Video info: Helmet mounted video of first in engine company on a working structure fire in Honey Brook Township, Chester County, PA.

****Please note there is some explicit language.*****


chester county pa house fire

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Joe Resch

    I think they did a fine job, but it seems so silly that we are so concerned with making an interior attack that we often forget what puts a fire out….water. Why not make a transitional attack before entering? One person can run the line while the others mask up, and then trade off when they are done. You can’t push fire, so hitting this one from the outside could have only been a good thing, and would have limited extension while spending time prepping to go interior.

    • Kyle

      Agreed Joe – fine job, no harm in an exterior. A couple quick bursts aimed at the ceiling of that room dispersing the water around the room would’ve made a significant drop in temperature while minimizing the subsequent water damage. By no means armchair quarterbacking, a fine job brothers!

    • Msradell

      Hitting it from the exterior quite possibly would have spread the fire more inside and caused more damage without helping anything. The crew did a great job getting in quickly and knocking it down. Anybody who’s been around the fire service long enough knows that getting in and pushing it out where it’s already venting is the best approach.

  • Mongo

    I think they did a good job, from what the camera showed of the officers walk around, that was great info. I think lobbing water from the outside is lame, it’s a room off, get in there and knock it down, then you only have smoke damage in the halls, not smoke and water. It might have helped, but I don’t know for sure. Good fire, nice engine placement and the crews seemed to work well. Why so many roof cuts?