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Fire Engine Wrecks into Restaurant After Collision with Ladder Truck in California

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MONTEREY PARK, Calif. (KABC) — Six people were hospitalized in critical condition after a fire truck struck pedestrians in Monterey Park Wednesday afternoon.

A Monterey Park Fire Department engine truck crashed into a building at the intersection of Emerson and Garfield avenues shortly after 3 p.m.

Monterey Park Police said an Alhambra Fire Dept. truck collided with a Monterey Park Fire engine, sending the fire engine into a restaurant on the corner. Both trucks were responding to a house fire.

fire engine wreck 2


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  • sharppointy1

    Oh dear…..I hope everyone recovers quickly. Hope this is a simple accident.

  • Burned-Out Medic

    aiya… there’s someone at fault at an intersection…

    speedy recovery.

  • Ukfbbuff

    That’s the third time in the past week this has happened

    Daly City, Calif

    Austin, Texas


    Monterey Park

    What’s up with this trend?

  • Iragobat

    Apparatus operators need to follow the basics. There is a traffic signal at the intersection, one of them had a red light! There is NO excuse for these incidents. What good did these two crews do for the victims of the house fire?

  • firemansundevil

    Safety First! Please be careful! People count on us to be safe. Otherwise we can’t help anyone.