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Video: Rescue in Paris, France at Apartment Fire Using Pompier Ladders

My first thought was the use of pompier ladders is exquisite. My second thought was I wish I paid attention in French class to know what this firefighter is saying. However, you can get a lot out of the video even if you don’t understand French. The fire is from 2012.

Video by: Brigade de sapeurs-pompiers de Paris. Video info (translated): A moving testimony of a firefighter Paris on an intervention during which he will save the life of a family. Directed by Julien UCR


rescue in paris using pompier ladders

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Chucky Arla

    So when can we get these ladders back in my department? I cannot think of a building in first in that would need them, but they could prove useful elsewhere in the city.

  • Nelson Ojeda Solorza

    We had them in Chile in the 90s. I remember training a similar evolution with roof wooden ladder.