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Video: Highrise Fire in Des Moines, Iowa. 8 Story, 114 Y.O. Younkers Building Under Renovation Burns

The 8 story building is well involved. The highrise is 114 years old and under renovation. Early collapse of the scaffolding caused an evacuation of all fire crews. The fire has gone to 3 alarms (which is rare according to fire department spokesman). The firefighters are currently working to protect exposures.


A massive fire burned one of the historic high rise buildings in downtown Des Moines early Saturday morning.

The fire started sometime after midnight at the old Younkers building at Walnut and 7th Street. Part of the interior of the building collapsed during the blaze.

Fire spokesman Brian O’Keefe reports no injuries of civilians or fire person ell. He also says that no fire equipment was damaged, despite a scaffolding collapse and other falling debris and sparks.

About 90% of the city’s fire staff was on scene through the early morning hours to fight this fire.

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  • IowaPerson

    Prayers for the firefighters and for the people around there this morning.

  • Robin Hrubetz

    Some very adult language in one of the amateur clips, but I had I been there, I’m sure my reaction would have been the same. Sad loss of an historic and iconic building. Just glad no one was hurt. Will be interesting to hear what they think the cause was. Goodbye, lovely Tea Room and the display window that housed the famous Younker’s Santa at Christmastime!

    • Kenny Wolf

      Younkers Monkey Band that were in a window
      Christmas time.Friend bought at the Younkers