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25 Fire Service Training Facebook Pages You Should Be Following

I asked and you delivered…This past week, I asked you what your favorite Fire Training Facebook pages were on  The Fire Critic Facebook Page. Below is the list you all shared, along with a couple of others I added. Many of them have corresponding web sites, so be sure to check them out too!

Check out the pages, click “like” if they interest you…then share this with your friends.

Simply click on the images to follow it to the FB Pages!

Feel free to add links to other Facebook pages you feel should have been on the list. You never know, maybe there will be another list in the future!

box alarm training


boron extrication


first due tackle


firefighter basics


when things go bad




tactical fire training


tactical advantage training




squad jobs


search and distroy


man vs fire


keep calm and train your rookie


hooks and halligans


holding 1 and 1


green buildiing


fully involved


first due questions


firefighter toolbox


fire and rescue concepts


everything extrication


engine house training


brothers in battle


brotherhood instructors


brass alarms


25 best fire service training facebook pages

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Engpierce63

    Very good group of training pages, kinda suprised me that traditions training didn’t make the cut but still a great wealth of information here

    • Fire Critic

      The list was made up by the peers on The Fire Critic FB page.

  • Gerald Van Rongen

    Great list. take a look at the page Anything and everything RESCUE. Lots of extrication with an Aussie slant.

  • Mike Mattson

    Awesome!! Thanks for the list

  • Robert Woodhead

    Thanks Everyone
    From the Crew of SUAT
    “Shut up and Train”