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Helmet Cam: Houston, TX Apartment Fire Grows As Crews Wait For Water

Video by: Jon Drew. No info on the video. It looks like Houston from the gear, but I haven’t seen any decent video out of Houston since they banned cameras. Update: identifies it as Houston, TX.

Watch the video grow as they wait for water.


apartment fire

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  • Alex Morales

    I will never understand this firefighting technique, breaking windows, leaving doorways open and allowing airflow to dictate fire growth and eventual flashover. We no longer fight legacy furnished occupancies, todays furnishings are measured in gallons of gasoline, incipient fire to flashover times have been cut to 1/3. Our efforts have to be much more coordinated than ever, ready hoseline, ventilation and entry have to be almost simultaneous. As seen in this video, a room and contents fire grew to a multi-alarm fire in minutes because we did not control the air flow in the apartment of origin. This is not a knock on the companies involved, this is a knock on the fire service in general, we need to break from some traditions and move forward in the times we live in, it is our duty as a profession. Stay safe brothers and sisters.

    • Fire21

      Well stated, Alex. Let’s break the legacy of “200 years of tradition unimpeded by progress.” Last year we exceeded 100 LODDs for the first time in several years. This year we’re already on a pace to break 120!!