Video: 4 Alarm Structure Fire in Bethlehem, PA (5 Videos)

Video above by: Mike Nester. Video info: Early Sunday Morning Bethlehem Firefighters are dispatched to the Unit Block of East Broad Street for a Structural fire. Upon responding crews are advised of a automatic alarm along with a report of something burning, crews arrive on location with a working fire and strike a 2nd alarm. As Crews advance they find fire extending throughout the building into the exposure and a 3rd alarm is requested. As the fire advances crews are evacuated from the structures into service. A 4th alarm will eventually be called for fresh manpower, crews battled intense flames for hours and would remain on scene well into the day….. has coverage of the fire here

Video above by: newsworking. Video info: At 08:30 Sunday morning, Bethlehem transmitted the box for a possible structural fire at 70 E. Broad Street. A call for smoke and a call for the alarm system was received. 3 engines and a ladder were assigned to the box.

Companies found heavy smoke pushing from 68 E. Broad Street and struck the 2nd alarm. Ladder 2 positioned in front of the fire building with Engine 6. Engine members stretched into the fire building and was confronted with heavy fire. With fire extending in the walls between the fire building and exposure 2 (70 E. Broad Street) the 3rd alarm was transmitted.

Crews cut a vent hole in both the original fire building and exposure 2. Companies found heavy fire in the attic of the exposure.

Ladder 1 and Engine 9 positioned in the rear of the building. Engine 9 stretched 2 hand lines while the Ladder Company went to the roof to vent the rear of exposure 2.

As the roof burned off the original building, companies directed multiple streams between it and exposure 4.

All members did a good job at keeping the fire from extending into exposure 4 and extinguishing the fire that extended into exposure 2 (another Law Office).

The fire was brought under control by 12:00 PM.

Video above by: Jayson Wagner.

Video above by: Dan Clerico. Video info: Bethlehem, Pa– Filmed with Iphone. 4th alarm for heavy fire in two 3 story buildings at 68 and 70 E. Broad Street.

Video above by: Rich Rolen. Video info: 70 E Broad St Bethlehem

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